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Introducing our Greenline Tape: Biopack, a sustainable self-adhesive tape that aligns with the strict criteria outlined in standards such as EN 13432, ASTM D6400, AS 4736, and ISO 17088:2021. Designed for eco-friendly applications, this tape excels in disintegration, biodegradation, and ecotoxicity, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Ideal for sealing biodegradable bags, bundling garden waste, and permanently closing heavy cardboard boxes, it offers versatile functionality across various packaging needs. With its robust backing material and excellent immediate tack, it provides reliable adhesion on diverse surfaces, from smooth to challenging. Additionally, its temperature resistance and hand-tearable nature make it suitable for both manual and automated packaging processes. Embracing sustainability without compromising performance, our Biopack tape is the eco-conscious choice for your packaging requirements.

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